Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bandai HGUC Stark Jegan

I bought this kit about 3 weeks ago and spent 2 nights building it. It's good both in shape and in terms of its content, well, for a 2100 yen box which has re-cycled a lot of parts from the older HGUC Jegan kit released few months before.
The Katoki design re-arrangement is slim and smart as usual but personally I prefer the old Mika Akitaka original CCA-MSV illustration back in 1988 from the very first issue of "MS Encyclopedia" by B-Club. But nowadays almost all Gundam mech designers had fade out except the old-school Kunio Okawara and money-maker Katoki. (I consider Kanetake Ebikawa from "Gundam 00" a sub-style since his style is so much influenced by Katoki although most fans would disagree with it.) To most Mika Akitaka is so yesterday and people nearly forgot where this armored Jegan came from.

The armor and missle box are firmly mounted on the legs and on both shoulders unlike the "Chobham Armor" of HGUC Gundam NT-1 which I decided to abandon it at very early stage of assembling.

The waist front armor is fused into one part. Emmm...we can't be so demanding for a 1/144 kit like this.
There is a good hint for the upcoming HGUC line-up: a AEUG/Titans style GMII beam gun is included in this Stark Jegan box. Will Bandai release HGUC Nemo(MSA-003) in the coming winter?

P.S. I got my "Gundam UC" blu-ray disc the week before but never have a chance to watch it. Maybe in the coming easter holidays...But, first thing first, should I go and get the "almighty" SONY PlayStation 3(only as a blu-ray player)? :)
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