Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bandai HGUC Nemo (Unicorn version)

Box Art is great.
I have been lazy for a long time and I think it is time to do more reviews or may be finish all the projects up as my store room is getting  crowded.

This kit was released in spring of 2012 and at that time the rising yen came to its top. We all had a hard time looking for bargain models these few years. When a new kit like this comes in, fans would expect another upgrade version could be on the way in 6-9 months. And yes, the original Nemo from Z Gundam was just released on January 2013. With such a short period of time, these two versions are nearly identical with just a different rifle and colour schemes.

This Nemo itself looks great in shape and it's also easy to assemble if you are familiar with Federation MSs.  The connecting part of the shield to the forearm looks very unrealistic and is too thick which make the shield a bit far away from the body.

Those new parts for its legs(calf and heel, the big thrusters and its interior frames) are so detail which leaves not much room for modifications. It may seem that the legs could move freely but the knee can only be bent at around 90 degrees.

I tried to test its maximum degree of movement with the photo on the left and you can see how the extra ball joint at the ankles gives it more flexibility.

Hardpoints on the hip side armor. A common feature shared with Gundam Mk. II.

The kit comes with the beam rifle of GM Custom(RGN-79N) from 0083 as seen in episode 4 of Gundam Unicorn.

I have some ideas on my mind. How about a bazooka from Gundam Mk. II? The original design says Nemo is a universal MS which could take any weapons systems from other suits.
I need some time to dig out extra parts from old models and see if they could fit in.
The shield can be folded. A design which I nearly forgot. It is done by snapping the top part to 2 points on the lower part. I really don't like this and the shield needs some modification.

I think this Nemo would look good on the Base Jabber. So my plan is to finish it in 1 month's time and if possible place it on a Base Jabber(I will it buy soon).

Arms straightened.
HGUC MSA-003 Nemo (Unicorn Version)